Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence Training

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This online video training is excellent for those who want to start building AI Apps and Websites because it teaches you to build AI projects from the basics.

You will also get a certificate upon completion

What will you learn in training?

- Basics of AI to get started
- Understanding GPT 4
- Building a model to answer your queries.
- Designing the prompts for the GPT language model
- Building AI-based custom tools

Image generation
- Getting started with DALL·E
- Writing code to generate your custom images

Languages covered from basics: Python will be used for the backend processing while the front end is built in HTML and Javascript. All these languages will be taught from the basics.

Projects you will learn to build

  1. Your own ChatGPT
  2. AI Recipe generator
  3. Assignment writer
  4. AI Image Generator
  5. Question paper generator
  6. and many more...


Training fee includes

  1. Earn a certificate upon completion of the training
  2. During the training, we will be available to solve any of your doubts or queries.
  3. Lifetime access to the training content
  4. Learn on Mobile OR Laptop



a. What if I have my exams or I am busy now? How will I attend the training?

Don't worry, you have full freedom on when you choose to attend the training. You may start the training later or right away based on your preference. You can even take a break for few days during the training and continue it after the break. You have life time access to the training and support.

b. What is the duration of the training?

If you spend 2 hours each day on the training, then we expect you to complete it in 30 days. However, there is no deadline to finish the training. It is self-paced, and you can complete it at your convenience. You will have lifetime access to the content.

c. Is a certificate included?

Yes. All the students are awarded a certificate upon completion of the training. 

d. Who can join? I am a beginner/advanced user, is this AI training program for me?

Anyone with an interest in AI app development can join. College students (every stream and year) & Working Professionals are encouraged to join this program. Please note that this is beginner-level training.